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Why is Profit Trade Room the best?

Owner and founder of Profit Trade Room “Mr. Profit” developed and perfected high winning percentage strategy over past 17 years of trading by strictly focusing only on the safest opportunities of the day with minimum downside.

Sharing his ahead of time plan on each trade live in chat room gives members a huge advantage because everyone knows exactly what’s the expectation and be ready while understanding the reason behind it.

Mr. Profit puts in hours of research and analysis each day to find and share the easiest opportunities in the market with safest upside.
Members can receive live info in multiple convenient ways: inside chat room + email + mobile app + SMS

Additional comments are shared in chat room community as well as questions answered, explanations given, etc.

Doesn’t matter if you have full-time job and very limited time during the week or you’re at home with all the time or anything between – thanks to our strategies we have a fit for everyone!

17+ Years of Experience

Nearly 2 decades of hard work, lessons and knowledge shared in chat community daily!

Average 5 Trades per Day

We make average about 5 trades per day focusing on just the best ones – “sniper shots”!

Affordable Stocks

We mostly trade stocks valued at $1 to $50 per share.

Consistent Daily Results

Daily recap with details is shared in chat room after 4pm EST each day. Weekly newsletter which is also showing charts with details is sent out end of each week.

Save Money

Discuss helpful resources and tools which are used by other members every day, what works, what really makes the difference, get honest reviews so you don’t have to spend time and money buying bad products out there!


Guidance by experienced individuals is very important to produce good results on daily basis!

Case Study: +677.0% in 3 Weeks!

This is trading account statement from a member showing +$12,149.53 total net profit made in a short period of time by starting with only $1,794 account balance!

Direct access to experienced individuals anytime during the day at crucial moments is priceless! It can be done through private 1-on-1 support or through chat room community.

No paid scanning tool can beat the power of our chat room community with 500 active members watching different parts of the market non-stop and commenting on good opportunities/ideas live as soon as they happen!

Thanks to our chat room system and our own custom-made app you don’t have to sit in front of your computer whole day to get live notifications if you don’t want to because details on market opportunities can come directly to your phone as well!

Discuss helpful resources and tools which are used by other members every day, what works, what really makes the difference, get honest reviews so you don’t have to spend time and money buying bad products out there!

Guidance by experienced traders is very important to produce good results on daily basis!

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With GOLD plans you keep 100% of profits made and get priority responses to any questions in private 1-on-1 with live help and extra time for tips, stock/trade analysis and in-depth explanations.


  • Direct Chat Room Access
  • Direct Alert Room Access
  • Our own custom made APP & Software
  • Easy to follow alerts, Exact prices: One entry, One exit
  • Full trade plan given Ahead Of Time!
  • Pre-Market Watchlist
  • Low risk trades
  • Non-stop Top stock scanning
  • Questions answered Live
  • ChatRoom OPEN 24/7
  • Mobile device & all other devices Access
  • Educational Video Lessons
  • Top winning rate in the industry: above 80%
  • Trade ideas
  • Community Support
  • 1-on-1 Private Support
  • Access to full history of past trades
  • Analysis of stocks you mention
  • Make money with new alerts each day
  • No minimum starting amount needed
... and more!


  • Separated from DayTrading
  • Swing Picks via Email with Full trade plan (enter price, exit price, time period, updates, etc)
  • Make money with just a few minutes input per week
  • Low risk, Big reward trades
  • 60% monthly profit on average (could be more or less depending on market condition)
  • Minimum 1 Swing Pick per week
  • Swing Picks range: usually $1 to $30
  • Average hold time: usually a few days
  • Simple to follow Alerts, Exact prices: One entry, One exit
  • High winning rate
  • 1-on-1 Private Support
  • No minimum starting amount needed
  • Access to full history of past trades
... and more!

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Chat Room & Alerts work on all devices!